Welcome to the U.S. Lyen!

I want to use this first post to welcome a good friend, fellow trainer and one of Europe’s hottest fitness competitors to the U.S.
Lyen Wong has made the move to Miami to take the next step in her fitness career. Of course this means she’s building her training business from scratch, so if you’re in the Miami area and in need of a trainer, give her a call.
Take some time to check out her websites.  You’ll find links to both at http://www.lyenwong.com/ .
Welcome to the U.S. Lyen. You’re going to do great things here!!!

1 thought on “Welcome to the U.S. Lyen!”

  1. Dear Pat, thanks for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to go to Oregon some day and try your crazy workouts with you 🙂 As you know, you are still my mentor and I want to keep on learning from you. Even from here I will still be pestering you with my long emails 😉

    See you soon Pat. Stay fit and healthy.


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