On the Trail

DSC03935 con sYou probably spend most of your day indoors, and most likely sitting the majority of that time. So, when it’s time do something for your fitness, health and wellness, why stay indoors and why sit on the cardio and weight machines in the gym?

We developed as humans in nature and this is where our minds and bodies are most comfortable and stress-free, even when we sometimes don’t recognize it on a conscious level.

Being cut off from nature for most of the day, if not the whole day, has a host of detrimental effects on our bodies and minds, and exercising on machines can create unnatural and nonfunctional movement patterns.

By taking your workouts on the trail, you’ll not only reconnect with nature and experience the ever-changing beauty of the fantastic trails in our area, you’ll also develop true functional fitness.

DSC03360 con sDepending on your personal goals and abilities, your workout could be a hike with breaks to examine the abundant flora and fauna we’ll encounter, or it could be more challenging and invigorating by pushing the pace harder and adding some resistance training for a more complete full body workout.

Plus, on the trail training for a small group can be the perfect opportunity to have an open-air, interactive, Q&A seminar. You can have your exercise and nutrition questions answered while getting a workout and experiencing the beauty of Southern Oregon.

On the Trail training can be one-on-one, couples/partner, or small group.  Nutritional guidance is included.
A program including a combination of services can be designed to fit your specific needs.

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