Today, Someday or Never

Someday isn’t a day of the week. How’s your week look? No time for fitness again? We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve said, “I’ll get fit someday….”

The difficult part of this approach is that life will inevitably throw things at you needing immediate attention. And too many of us expect the most well-rested and focused version of ourselves to show up for workouts. We think, “I’ll start next week after the project deadline at the end of this week.” But when next week comes, it is not the bright green valley of energy and time that we had imagined it would be. Our energy is still divided among multiple responsibilities. And the week after that also has some unforeseen little challenges coming at you. So you put it off again. Someday slides easily into “never,” and you can wake up wondering, “How did this happen?”

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