8 Meaningful Things You Learn While Running In The Forest

While I sit at my computer to write this article, I’m looking out my bedroom window at the rain drops collecting on the glass. I can see the mountains only a short distance away, calling me to run within the pine and aspen forests they loom over. Their snow-capped peaks have become like beacons, and I rarely dismiss the call. In fact, I know that as soon as I’m done writing, I’ll be out the door and on my way.

I’ve learned a lot over the last ten years, since I started running; my goals have transformed and grown as I have, and each week it seems like I’m a new runner. I started running when I lived in the city, but this left much to be desired. Running influenced my next move, and I couldn’t keep myself from heading west to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Trail running has been a monumental part of my life ever since. It’s not about speed or distance, it’s about consistency and listening to yourself.

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