The Birthday Workout

Today I did what I call the Birthday Workout again. This is a workout I’ve had some clients do to celebrate their birthdays and I usually do it with them. Today, in addition to the birthday boy there were 3 of us doing the workout with him. The workout consists of 6 exercises done as a circuit. On the 1st circuit the reps equal your age, the 2nd circuit the reps equal the month you were born, the 3rd circuit is the day you were born and the 4th circuit is the year you were born (there is a shorter version where you do the current year [8] instead). For example, since I’m 50 and born on 8/25/58 the reps on each of the circuits would be 50, 8, 25, 58. The exercises are kettlebell swings (I used the 20kg), squat thrusts/burpees, modified pullups/body rows, pushups, stability ball crunches and stability ball leg curls. We also walked the Beast (see below) before and after the circuits. Of course, this just wasn’t enough for me so I also did about 300 walking lunges with my next client along with walking the Beast again. And since I still had some feeling left in my legs I went on an hour long bike ride after this. And add to all that 20 mins on the heavy bag.

So, what did you do today?

7 thoughts on “The Birthday Workout”

  1. I started out my day watching TV and playing a video game on my Wii.
    I followed this up by 8 (count them EIGHT) straight hours of working. I finally finished up my day with more TV, a little more gaming, and a 30 minute nap on the couch because I was so exhausted.

    Your day is just too ambitious.

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