TOPFIT offers a variety of services to fit your needs and goals including weight management, general improvements to your fitness, health and wellness, muscle gain, and improved sports or work performance.

Straightforward fitness training and nutritional guidance based on decades of experience and scientifically proven, time-tested techniques that get you results.

In-home, on the trail, and Shinrin-Yoku can all be one-on-one, couple/partner, or small group.
A program including a combination of services can be designed to fit your specific needs.

In Your Home

Whether you have a fully equipped home gym, or don’t even have a dumbbell or stability ball to your name, let me come to you and help ensure you’re exercising with proper form and intensity, motivate you, accelerate results and hold you accountable.

• No travel time
• Avoid the distractions of the gym
• Privacy

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On the Trail

Take advantage of the proven benefits of exercising outdoors.
DSC03360 con sBeing cut off from nature for most of the day, if not the whole day, has a host of detrimental effects on our bodies and minds, and exercising on machines creates unnatural and nonfunctional movement patterns.  So take your workouts outside and give your mind and body the exposure to nature they crave.

  • Fresh air
  • Scenery
  • True functional fitness

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fern shadow c 3 s borderThe Natural Path to Health and Wellness

Shinrin-Yoku is a Japanese word meaning “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest”.
Forest environments affect us through all of our senses, sending signals that affect both our psychological and physiological state.
Through regular Forest Bathing excursions on the many fantastic trails in our area, you can learn to mitigate the damage done from spending the majority of your day indoors disconnected from nature.

• Healing and rejuvenating
• Boost the immune system
• Reduce stress and increase energy
• Reconnect with nature

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