Recovery Days

If you’ve really been on a roll with your exercise program and have been hitting it hard for several days in a row, take a break for a day. I don’t mean you should be a complete couch potato, but don’t plan to do any workouts or any exercise just for the sake of exercise. This is a day to take a more leisurely walk, an easy bike ride or do some house or yard work. Keep the intensity on the lower side and give your body a chance to recover from all the intense workouts you’ve been doing (surely you have been doing intense workouts, right?). You could even find some time to work in a little extra stretching.
Since I’ve had several days in a row of pushing the overtraining envelope, this is my day to back off a bit. So far I’ve walked a little over a mile with a client and later I’ll do about an hour of yard work…..just some lighter activity to let my body recover and prepare it for what’s coming tomorrow…….and what’s coming tomorrow is gonna be KILLER…..stay tuned!