One-on-one, couples/partner, and small group sessions are approximately 1 hour in length.

In-Home and On-the-Trail Training

One-on-One Single Session

One-on-One 4 Week Blocks
(minimum of 1 session/week, scheduled and paid in advance, dependent on travel time/distance)
$55/session (e.g. Medford, some Phoenix and Jacksonville addresses)
$65/session (e.g. Ashland, Talent, Rogue River, some Eagle Point addresses)
$75/session (e.g. Grants Pass)

Couples/Partner Session
One-on-one session rate + $35/session for single session/drop-in
One-on-one session rate + $25/session for 4 week blocks

Small Group 4 Week Blocks
(group of 3-6 people, minimum of 1 session/week, scheduled and paid in advance)


Shinrin-Yoku is charged at the one-on-one, couples/partner, or small group training rate.


Contact TOPFIT for details and to discuss the type of seminar, lecture, presentation or group discussion you’d like presented.

Rates are subject to change.
Please contact your trainer for details, policies, and to schedule your Free Initial Consultation.