Four Diets That Actually Work

There are lots of ways to lose weight. Just ask anyone who has tried the latest popular diet. There are websites, blogs and books praising fat and bashing gluten, but does this mean that these are the best diets to follow?

And how do you measure success when dieting? Is it just about how much weight you lose? Anyone can slash their calorie intake and lose weight. But is it a plan that you can follow forever?

Most diets that promise weight loss are simply low-calorie diets. Some banish whole food groups and others say that all foods can fit. While calorie-restriction and food-group elimination can work in the short-run, they usually lead to a whole host of problems over time. These include weight gain due to feelings of starvation and deprivation, and malnourishment from inadequate intake of certain vitamins and minerals.

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TOPFIT says: These are still diets, so approach with caution.

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