Foam Rolling 101

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique (SMR), which is a type of therapy used to eliminate general fascia restrictions. It is commonly used as a a warm-up for mobility and/or a cool-down for recovery, although it should not fully replace stretching. Research studies indicate that, when foam rolling precedes static stretching, individuals can achieve a deeper stretch because the muscles are warm and more pliable. This technique focuses on reducing pain or the discomfort that comes from the myofascial tissue—the tough, but thin membranes that cover and surround your muscles. This type of pain specifically comes from “trigger points” in deep areas within the tissue. Foam rollers come in many shapes, sizes and firmness, so be sure you are using one that fits your needs.

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TOPFIT says: This article is a bit limited in its scope. There’s much more to using a foam roller than just SMR.
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TOPFIT Daily Activities — Full Body Workout and Stress Reduction

I spent some time in my gym today doing bench presses, squats, lunges, chinups, and suspension pullups. It sounds like a lot, but I modified things as needed and didn’t get too carried away with volume. I really don’t want any setbacks.

One thing I haven’t been mentioning in these posts is the stretching, foam rolling, meditation and stress reduction routines I’ve been doing. Through a good share of my treatment, and almost daily since getting home from my last surgery, I’ve made time for a stretching routine which includes foam rolling and SMR (self myofascial release) with the roller, and a routine of deep breathing, meditation and visualization. Even while in the hospital, and stretching, rolling and deep breathing weren’t possible (there’s been some days at home like that too), I still tried to follow a routine of meditation and visualization.

(see “The Cancer Chronicles” post for background info)

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