It always feels great to make positive steps toward improved health and fitness, and nowadays, fitness technology makes it even easier. But too much of a good thing could actually lead you down a path to less-healthy behaviors and outcomes. Here are tips for keeping your good intentions on track with three tech-related healthful habits that commonly go awry.

To help underscore qualities that trackers don’t pick up on, some tech experts recommend taking a tech-break every week or two. Deliberately exercise without your tracker so you can better appreciate the important mental and emotional outcomes of exercise, as well.

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TOPFIT says: Ditch the high tech. If you’re using all this high tech, you probably are using a smart phone. If you’re using a smart phone, you are undoubtedly being distracted by it and your workouts will suffer.
It’s better to learn how to rely on your own body and mind rather than on high tech.

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