Advice You Should Ignore

Common Nutrition Advice You Should Ignore

As registered dietitians, we’re often asked if popular nutrition advice is worth following. While many times there is truth to a given recommendation, it’s often oversimplified and forces people to erroneously believe they need to avoid many foods that provide health benefits or adopt certain eating habits that aren’t practical. Here are four pieces of nutrition advice that you’ve heard but should ignore.

Advice You Should Ignore: Stay away from frozen foods.

Why You Shouldn’t Listen: While it’s a good idea to avoid highly refined and processed foods from the freezer aisle—things like frozen hot pockets, pizzas, fried onion rings and toaster strudels—snubbing frozen foods isn’t always warranted, especially when it comes to produce. Frozen fruits and vegetables may actually have more nutrients than fresh ones because they’re picked and frozen with the nutrients intact. Fresh produce loses nutrients as it’s exposed to light, heat and air, which is inevitable during transport. So unless you’re living on a farm and eating your produce as you pick it, there’s a good chance frozen fruits and veggies contain more nutrients then fresh.

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Do You Have Bad Gym Etiquette?

A fitness facility is a place to get your sweat on and torch some calories; however, the rules of the road still apply. Fitness pros and recreational gym goers should always display appropriate behavior and gym etiquette during all workout sessions. Unfortunately, not every member of the gym will keep proper etiquette at the forefront of his or her attention.

To keep the gym experience safe and worthwhile for you and those around you, behave mindfully and don’t become “that guy” or “that gal” who fails to keep common courtesy rules in check.

Sloppy Joe or Jane
Nothing creates a more dangerous training atmosphere like an unkempt space. It’s not only rude to leave weights and other equipment scattered around a workout space, but it sets the stage for completely avoidable accidents and injuries to occur.

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How to Get Rid of That Pain in Your Neck

You roll out of bed and suddenly you feel it—a stifling pain in your neck. You can’t move your head without feeling an unwelcome twinge, and stretching doesn’t help. What have you done?

Chances are, it wasn’t a single movement that caused this pain. Rather, it’s probably an issue that’s been building over time—the culmination of misaligned body positions, repetitive movements and other aspects of your environment that caught up to you on this unfortunate morning.

While some chronic pain may be caused by arthritis, permanent tissue damage or a long-standing injury, others are the results of harmful patterns repeated day after day. For example, sitting for extended periods of time can be tough on your back and neck because it puts your pelvis in an extreme position, especially if you cross your legs or hang forward.

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Do Humans Need Dairy?

Do Humans Need Dairy? Here’s The Science

A lot of people will have already made up their mind about whether humans need dairy in their diet and will be thinking that the answer is obviously “yes” or obviously “no”. But nutrition is based on science not opinion – so, here’s the latest research on the matter.

Milk is an interesting foodstuff. The sugar in it is called lactose and lactose requires a chemical or enzyme called lactase to allow it to pass across the walls of the gut into the blood stream. When we are babies, we all produce plenty of the lactase enzyme which allows us to absorb our mother’s milk. In populations where milk consumption has been historically low, such as Japan and China, most children will have stopped producing lactase soon after weaning and – producing almost entire populations that may be unable to absorb the lactose in milk – this we call “lactose intolerance”.

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Two Sleeps Rather Than One?

Did we used to have two sleeps rather than one? Should we again?

Around a third of the population have trouble sleeping, including difficulties maintaining sleep throughout the night. While night time awakenings are distressing for most sufferers, there is some evidence from our recent past that suggests this period of wakefulness occurring between two separate sleep periods was the norm.

Throughout history there have been numerous accounts of segmented sleep, from medical texts, to court records and diaries, and even in African and South American tribes, with a common reference to “first” and “second” sleep. In Charles Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge (1840), he writes

He knew this, even in the horror with which he started from his first sleep, and threw up the window to dispel it by the presence of some object, beyond the room, which had not been, as it were, the witness of his dream.

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