Rest Day!

Between a busy schedule today and several days in a row of high levels of activity, it’s time for a break. The only exercise I got today was doing the Beast twice. Tomorrow I’ll have time, and hopefully the energy, to get back to some good workouts.

TOPFIT TIP — Time seems to be the excuse everyone uses when they don’t eat right or exercise, but if you don’t find time to do it now, you’ll really come up short on time at the end of your life. Find the time now to get healthy and stay healthy, and you’ll more than make up for it by living a longer and more functional life.

Baby Beast, Bike and More

2 laps of the Baby Beast and a 1/4 mile walk started the day and later in the afternoon I went on a fairly intense 1 hr bike ride. Then I spent 30 mins doing supersets of max number of pushups and max pullups. That should do it for today.

TOPFIT Tip — Your Metabolism Is Like A Campfire — You need to think of your metabolism as a campfire and calories like the wood you feed into that fire —– your fire will burn a lot hotter and burn more wood if you feed it small amounts throughout the day instead of throwing a huge log on it once or twice a day after it’s died down.

Backwards Beast and Elmo

I started the day by walking the Beast 4 times with my clients……twice we walked backwards up the hill and once we ran up the hill. I also did a total of 400 walking lunges with them. Later in the afternoon, I walked what I’ll call “Elmo” (see notes at bottom of page) 3 times with a couple of clients and then came home and spent about 20 mins on the heavy bag again.

What did you do today?

Split Jerks and More

A good hour long bike ride started the day and later in the afternoon/evening I spent 1/2 hour working my way up in weight on split jerks and also spent 20 mins on the heavy bag. Nothing too out of the ordinary today, but it was enough.

TOPFIT Tip — Cut Cancer Risk — According to the American Council for Cancer Research, you can lower your risk of cancer by 20% by eating your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 20% not enough to get your attention? Then bump that up to as much as a 40% reduction by making the rest of your diet healthy, staying active, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Sunday Funday

Once again I had 4 other people over for a good circuit workout. We started and ended with a 1/2 mile walk and did 5 circuits of deadlifts, pullups, pushups, SB crunches and SB leg curls. We rotated through each station and everyone had to keep doing reps until the last/slowest person completed 15 reps on whichever station they were on…….you can bet there was some “subtle” encouragement handed out to the slowest person on each interval……LOL.
After this, I went on a 1 hour bike ride and spent about 1/2 hour doing yard work. Since I still had a little energy left I also spent 20 mins on the heavy bag.

Rest Day?

Rest day? Well, almost. In the morning I walked the Beast twice and ran approx 1/4 mile 3 times with my client. Then it was off to the Harvest Fair and Microbrew Fest. There was a lot of walking involved and a little dancing, but fear not, I made up for it by eating a little junk and sampling several microbrews……good times!

TOPFIT TIP — Fat Loss and Low Intensity Cardio — Don’t buy in to the myth that by doing low intensity cardio you’ll burn more fat than doing high intensity cardio — sounds like an excuse to be lazy to me. Whereas it is true that the percentage of calories coming from fat is higher, total calories burned will be lower….and for fat loss, isn’t it all about burning more calories?

Tabatas and Boxing

A brisk 1 mile walk with clients was a great start to my day, followed by a fairly intense 1 hour bike ride. Later, I did some Tabatas (see notes at bottom of page) and boxing…..5 mins heavy bag, Tabata pullups, 5 mins speed bag, Tabata pushups, 5 mins heavy bag, Tabata crunches, 5 mins speed bag, Tabata squats, with approx 1 minute rest between exercises.
If you haven’t done Tabatas before, give them a try and let me know what you think!