Aerobic Activity and ……oh CRAP!

Seemed like a perfect day to just do a bit of moderate intensity aerobic activity, so I started the day by walking the Beast twice with a client and later did a 5k run.
Oh crap! As is usual for me on a Tuesday, I forgot about what I might be doing at the end of the day……I finished my day by doing walking lunges up Elmo with a client…..about 1/3 mile uphill…..that’s approx. 600 steps…….way to go JP!!

Pedal and Pull

Due to the higher intensity and volume of the past 2 days, I gave myself a break and only did a 1 hr moderate intensity bike ride and spent about 1/2 hr doing weighted pullups and BB rows. I finished the day with three 1/2 mile walks with clients.


A couple of 1/2 mile walks got the day started and later I spent about 45 mins doing KB snatches, KB swings, 1 arm KB overhead squats, SB crunches and SB back extensions……lots of core involvement with all of these exercises. Then a nice 1 hr bike ride rounded out the day.
Well, then I got restless and spent 30 mins on the heavy bag……that’s probably it for the day…..maybe….LOL.

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Killer Leg Workout

This was a killer leg workout and it wasn’t even mine…..I just stood there and watched my client. She started with SB squats w/30# DBs — 4 x 12, followed by SB leg curls — 4 x 20 supersetted with wall sits to failure, followed by stationary lunges — 3 x 10/leg supersetted with SB tucks — 3 x 15. After all this she did Tabata squats. Ouch!

Today’s performance in the above workout by SR, an earlier workout by BC and yesterday’s workout by LG were truely impressive and inspirational and I would have felt guilty if I didn’t get some good intense activity today myself. So in addition to walking the Beast twice this morning, I did 5 circuits of the following:
thrusters (95#) x 5
pullups x 10
box jumps (18″) x 15
pushups x 20
jump rope x 200

Later, I spent 20 mins on the heavy bag.

So, did you do anything active today?

Fun Circuits

A fairly high intensity hour long bike ride started the day. After this I did 5 circuits of pullups x 5, KB swings x 10, decline ring pushups x 15 and crunches x 20…..I also threw in 3 sets each of 2 different MB trunk rotation exercises. After my last session I spent 20 mins on the heavy bag. Overall, not a bad day.

Beast, Bike, Back and Elmo

4 laps of the Beast was a good start to the day, then I went on a nice 1 hr bike ride. After this, since I’ve kind of been getting back into some old school “bodypart” workouts lately, I did a back workout…..bodyweight and weighted pullups and chinups, DB rows, hanging scapular retraction/depression. And then at the end of the day I ran up Elmo twice and did 140 squats w/MB toss with a couple of clients…….it all added up to quite a day of activity!!

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