Beast, Bike, Back and Elmo

4 laps of the Beast was a good start to the day, then I went on a nice 1 hr bike ride. After this, since I’ve kind of been getting back into some old school “bodypart” workouts lately, I did a back workout…..bodyweight and weighted pullups and chinups, DB rows, hanging scapular retraction/depression. And then at the end of the day I ran up Elmo twice and did 140 squats w/MB toss with a couple of clients…….it all added up to quite a day of activity!!

Exercising with osteoporosis: Stay active the safe way


Lots of variety today. I started with snatches and power snatches, then did some 1 arm KB overhead squats, followed by ring pushups. After this I got some long overdue yardwork done (still tons to do). No cardio today, but I’m hoping to get a good bike ride in tomorrow.

What did you do for your health and fitness this weekend?

Rested and Ready to Go

Yesterday was a much needed day of rest, but it was time to get back to being active today. I started with two laps of the Beast with my client and then a 1 hour bike ride. Later I did a little workout of 100 pullups, 5 mins heavy bag, 100 pushups, 5 mins heavy bag, 100 crunches, 5 mins heavy bag, 100 squats, 5 mins heavy bag.

What did you do today?

Finally, Clean Air

Another chilly morning, but at least I think we’re done with the smoke from wildfires that has plagued us all summer……this made for a great bike ride this morning. Later I did 20 mins of circuits of DB shoulder presses, curls and overhead extensions……I don’t often directly target or isolate the bis and tris, but it just felt like a good day to do something different. This was followed by some time on the heavy bag in the evening and Tabata KB swings. One note of warning….. don’t attempt Tabata KB swings unless and you are 100% confident that your form is impaccable.

Getting The Week Off To A Good Start

Another chilly morning, but just right for a 90 minute bike ride that included about 30 mins of grinding uphill……some fairly high intensity stuff. Later, I put together a good workout of deadlifts (both standard and sumo) and weighted pullups and chinups.