A Little Bit Bassackwards

Once again, I started the day by walking the Beast 4 times with clients…….. the last time we walked up backwards.
Later, I did 5 circuits of:
handstand pushups x 5
ring pullups x 10
stationary lunges x 15/leg
pushups x 20
I followed this with 5 supersets of:
SB back extensions x 20
SB crunches x 20

Pyramid Supersets

Not being too worse for wear after yesterday’s beatings, I started the day with an hour long bike ride and followed that with supersets of 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 reps of jump pullups and decline pushups (feet elevated 42 inches). I also fit in 20 minutes on the heavy bag.

This Just Might Hurt

I started my day by working out with my first client. We walked the Beast and then did 5 circuits of pullups, pushups, SB crunches, squats and SB leg curls. The key to this workout is the target reps on each exercise is 15 but once you reach 15 you still have to continue until the last person hits 15 reps on whichever exercise they are doing. We then walked the Beast again. Also, my son joined us for the workout and got his first taste of the Beast…..and he conquered it twice……way to go Rob!!
Then, I did the same workout again with my next client…..the whole thing including walking the Beast twice.
Not a bad start to my day.
A good end to the day was walking lunges up Elmo with my last client of the day. And, a big “way to go” SP for being the first man to do any of the landmark long distance walking lunge workouts!! Except for myself, these workouts have been the domain of the women.

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Nothing Exciting

I went on a good moderate intensity bike ride this morning, and later I squeezed in some circuits of ring pullups, BB shoulder presses, SB back extensions and SB crunches. I finished the day by walking a total of a mile with a couple of clients. Nothing too exciting today, but it was enough.

Upper & Lower Table Rocks

Two 1/2 mile walks with the kids was a good warmup for the rest of the day. Then I hiked both Upper and Lower Table Rocks…..almost 4 hours of hiking time between them. After this, I spent some time on the heavy bag to give my upper body a little attention.

I hope you’ve all had a healthy weekend!!

Push, Pull, Throw & Toss

After my last session today the weather was just perfect for a bike ride….no thorns this time. After this I did supersets of bench press and pullups followed by some upper body MB plyos. A little time on the heavy bag rounded the day out nicely.
Let me know what you’ve done for your fitness today.

Snatches and a Thorny Situation

I headed out for a good ride along the bike path this morning, but about 20 mins in I got a big ole thorn in the front tire…..so I wisely decided to turn around and go home. Fortunately, I left the thorn in because when I got home and removed it, the air really came hissing out.
After patching the tube, I did 10 sets of 5 reps of light snatches, and later in the day I did 5 circuits of the following:
jump rope x 2 mins
SB crunches x 2 mins
heavy bag x 2 mins

Power Cleans and Pushups

After yesterday’s activities, I was just a little bit stiff and sore, but a 1 hr bike ride helped to work some of that out. I followed this with 10 supersets of the following:
powercleans — 135# x 10
pushups x 20
Later I spent 20 mins on the heavy bag, and to finish the day off I did two 1/2 mile walks with a client.

Hope you’ve all gotten a good workout today.