Why Frequent Dieting Makes You Put On Weight

Why Frequent Dieting Makes You Put On Weight – And What To Do About It

People who regularly go on diets tend to lose weight initially but bounce back and even gain weight after stopping the regime. This phenomenon – dubbed yo-yo dieting – is associated with changes in metabolism and is one reason why the vast majority of calorie-based diets fail. But exactly what causes these metabolic changes has remained a mystery – until now.

Previous studies in identical twins who differed in dieting patterns have shown that non-genetic factors are largely responsible. The working hypothesis was that when you gain weight you somehow “reset” your internal thermostat corresponding to the higher weight level and so when you lose weight – your body does all it can to return to that new higher set point. Now new research, published in Nature, explains why this happens to some people more than others and, importantly, how it could be reversed.

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TOPFIT Daily Activities Review

This week’s activities still pretty much only qualify as “pretending to workout” or “just going through the motions”, but I’m feeling like I might be able to up the ante a bit fairly soon and actually start doing real workouts….light and easy, but real.
This past week, I made time for the following quick and brief activities:

2 x-trainer workouts
2 heavy bag workouts
1 chest/shoulder workout
1 arm workout
1 back workout
1 leg workout
1 ab/core workout

(see “The Cancer Chronicles” post for background info)

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Advice You Should Ignore

Common Nutrition Advice You Should Ignore

As registered dietitians, we’re often asked if popular nutrition advice is worth following. While many times there is truth to a given recommendation, it’s often oversimplified and forces people to erroneously believe they need to avoid many foods that provide health benefits or adopt certain eating habits that aren’t practical. Here are four pieces of nutrition advice that you’ve heard but should ignore.

Advice You Should Ignore: Stay away from frozen foods.

Why You Shouldn’t Listen: While it’s a good idea to avoid highly refined and processed foods from the freezer aisle—things like frozen hot pockets, pizzas, fried onion rings and toaster strudels—snubbing frozen foods isn’t always warranted, especially when it comes to produce. Frozen fruits and vegetables may actually have more nutrients than fresh ones because they’re picked and frozen with the nutrients intact. Fresh produce loses nutrients as it’s exposed to light, heat and air, which is inevitable during transport. So unless you’re living on a farm and eating your produce as you pick it, there’s a good chance frozen fruits and veggies contain more nutrients then fresh.

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If Every Famous Diet Idea Was Honest

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