On the Trail Again

I hope I don’t have to pay the piper tomorrow, but I just had to get out on a trail today after many months of having to avoid that kind of activity.
I took a leisurely hike on the Shade Creek trail in Jacksonville Forest Park. It turned into an awe inspiring Shinrin-Yoku experience.
I was even able to snack on a few trailing blackberries, thimbleberries, and wild raspberries.

~Feelin’ Alive!~


Today’s workout was a series of sets of BB bench presses.  I started light and worked my way up to a comfortable 2 rep max weight before working my way back down again.
Of course, my definition of light and heavy is a little distorted right now due to current circumstances, but it reminded me of this poem I wrote several years ago.

High reps, low reps
Fast reps, slow reps
Weights that were heavy
Weights that were light
Some sets were easy
Some were a fight
The bar above me
Loaded with weight
My contracting muscles
In control of my fate
With nothing to lose
And so much to gain
Supine on the bench
The sweat it did rain
The triceps they shook
The pecs they did twitch
That workout was truly

~Feelin’ Alive!~

TOPFIT Daily Activities Review

This past week I upped the ante on my activities and started to push just a little bit.
The differences are fairly subtle at this point, but after 9 months of minimal activities and workouts that really only qualified as “pretending to workout” or “just going through the motions”, I’m adding little bits of volume and intensity.
Due to some side-effects and complications of treatments and surgeries, I still have to keep things at home, but I’ve got more than enough in my gym to keep me going.
Hopefully my body will allow some more adventurous pursuits soon (i.e. hikes!).
So, with that in mind, I made time for the following light and brief workouts:

2 heavy bag workouts
2 x-trainer workouts
1 full body calisthenics workout
1 chest/shoulder workout
1 leg workout
1 back workout
1 bi/tri/core workout

(see “The Cancer Chronicles” post for background info)

~No Challenge, No Change~