5 Foods to Skip if You Want to Stay Slim

More than 20,000 new food and drink items hit our grocery store shelves each year and, with so much conflicting information about health and nutrition floating around, it can be challenging to know what you should and should not be putting in your body. Here are five foods with unwarranted health halos that aren’t doing your body any favors, especially if you’re trying to reduce or maintain your weight.

Fruit Juice
Eat your fruit—don’t drink it. Juice adds calories in a concentrated form without any of the fiber found in real fruit, which is one of the best reasons to eat fruit. When you juice fruit and discard the pulp or don’t include the peel, you’re getting rid of half or more of the fiber. If you like the idea of juice for the flavors it offers, add fresh fruit to your water.

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Six Strategies to Help You Say No to Junk Food

Our environment is saturated in calories—cheap, tempting, unnecessary calories. You can’t run errands or take a trip to the mall without dealing with a constant barrage of junk foods. Human brains aren’t designed to say no to them, though they do our health no favors.

Here are six strategies you can use to resist the flood of junk food fighting for your attention.

1. Don’t let yourself get too hungry.
If you’re too hungry, “your gut signals tell the reward system in your brain, ‘You need to really be on the lookout and respond intensely to any food cues you see,’” says Ashley Gearhardt, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. Her advice: Skip the crash diets and “focus on the quality of the food you eat.”

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10 Ways Spending Time in Nature Can Improve Your Mental Health

May 7th through May 13th is Mental Health Week, where mental health advocates raise awareness about what mental health really is. It’s not just about treating mental illnesses, but having an open and honest conversation about how to be happy, reach your potential, feel like you belong, worry less, and be able to enjoy life.

So how exactly does nature help with mental health?

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5 Quick Breakfasts

5 Quick On-the-go Breakfasts

“Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?” If you’re like many people, you’ve probably wondered this very same thing. While all meals offer an important opportunity to provide the body with fuel and nutrients, research shows that those who eat breakfast are best able to maintain and achieve a healthy weight.

Interestingly, breakfast is the meal that is most often skipped, with lack of time to prepare something the most commonly given excuse. And people often associate breakfast with the traditional large, heavy morning meals that take a good deal of time to make, like pancakes smothered in syrup with eggs and bacon. But here’s some good news: Healthy breakfasts with benefits can be light, energizing and nutrient-packed and, best of all, can be made in a jiffy.

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