You probably think you know everything you need to know about fruit, but here are 15 facts about this delicious food group that just might surprise you:

1. A drupe is a stone fruit. Drupes have a hard pit or stone, which can be freestone or clingstone. Peaches, plums and cherries are drupes, but so are walnuts, almonds and pecans (although we eat the seed inside these instead of the fruit).

2. Prunes like to be called dried plums. It’s a bit of a PR thing. The California Dried Plum board conducted research showing that women ages 25 to 54 respond more favorably to the name dried plums instead of prunes.

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TOPFIT Daily Activities — Pullups, Pushups and Squats

I’ve got a real Catch-22 here. I need to start increasing my activity level so I can recover and rehab, but activity aggravates and irritates a couple of side effects/complications from my treatment and surgeries. These irritations can get quite painful at times.
So, it’s still about baby steps, seeing just how much and what kind of activities I can do while not creating an unbearable situation. But, no activity just isn’t an option.
Today, in addition to a follow up appt. with the oncologist at the other end of town (yes, that is an activity for me at this point), I also spent a few minutes in my gym doing highly modified pullups, pushups and squats.

(see “The Cancer Chronicles” post for background info)

~Feelin’ Alive!~